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The business environment is fast-changing with the development of information technology. This comes with opportunities and threats on equal measures. Here is where risk-Plan consulting comes in to help organizations to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement.

Our Services Include:

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    Deal advisory, throughout the transaction life cycle, including due diligence, accounting advisory, buy-side and sell-side advisory.
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    Right from the registration, we advise on the most appropriate nature of business to choose; Sole proprietor, Limited Liability or Partnership besides affiliations like  subsidiary, joint ventures etc.
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    HR support on talent acquisition. We offer support in the delivery of a client’s HR strategy and implementation of   systems and procedures in the areas of recruitment, training, assessment and rewarding of employees
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    Systems Set-up and Reviews. This comes with complete internal control set up, right business process documentations as well as audit of the system from time to time.
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    Risk Management and Compliance. Businesses face several risks from theft, fraud, compliance risks like risk from tax related liabilities, failure to comply various regulatory dictates. We do overall risk assessment and recommend risk-plan solutions for the identified risks.
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    Executive couching and management updates. Executives are busy on their core business objectives. From time to time, we couch them on basics of different facets of ‘other areas’ of micro and macroeconomics that have impact on their business operations.
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